Environmental and Energy Policy

Along with the decrease of our natural sources and increase of population, environment policies and protection methods became of significant importance in our country as is in the world. We, as Çeksan, assume the environment as the most valuable treasury that we can leave to next generations and in order to enable all the world’s human beings to benefit from that estate, we believe that it should be protected in the best manner.

In this context, our main purposes are targets are;

  • To avoid pollution of air, water and noise,
  • To increase ratio of us of recyclable packing materials,
  • To target efficiency in consumption of energy and materials,
  • To prefer energy efficient technologies and applications in all products and services we are providing,
  • To keep environmental factors related with our processes and operations under control and to prefer environmentally friendly materials and service supply,
  • To keep environment factor resulting from building structure and design under control.


In line with our purposes and targets, our policy is;

  • To meet requirements of relevant environment and energy legislations,
  • To raise awareness of our employees about efficient employment of energy and environment and to develop them via trainings,
  • To try to improve environment and energy management systems continuously,
  • To impose our principle of environment protection to all our related parties, to the country and world,
  • To minimize waste, to avid contamination at source, to use energy efficiently and to decrease negative impacts of our operations on environment,
  • To ensure necessary human resources, technology and financial sources to realize these targets.
«Çerezler, içeriği ve reklamları kişiselleştirmek, sosyal medya özellikleri sağlamak ve trafiğimizi analiz etmek için kullanılmaktadır.»
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