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As the Çeksan family, which exports its products to more than 50 countries in 6 continents with its experience of more than 30 years, we are proud to serve you, our valued customers, in the best way in many parts of the world.

Not compromising on its quality from the past to the present, Çeksan continues to pursue innovations to further develop its vision with the high performance, durability and timely technical support of its machines.
buy sweepers 80 lt fuel tank Garbage hopper with high discharge to empty the garbage even to the containers on the road 360 lt water tank Height adjustable vacuum nozzle Independently controllable brushes
street sweeper for sale Ergonomic cabin with access to all sweeping functions and screen monitoring Multi-blade fan system with adjustable speed from the cabin, diesel engine aiming at maximum efficiency 60 lt hydraulic oil tank
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Çeksan not only informs the operators about the use of the machine, but also informs the operators about the warranty conditions and effective sweeping methods through the trainings it organizes periodically and free of charge.
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Our products are designed and prototyped by the Research and Development Department of Çeksan, and necessary tests are carried out before manufacturing. In this way, many optional features from our customers can be implemented.
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Regardless of the truck brand, all chassis modifications are made by our technical team and the superstructure assembly is carried out by our own technical team wherever our customers want, wherever they are in the world.
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Ceksan, which carries out almost all of the operations required for manufacturing within its own structure, offers its customers production times below the sector average and delivers the product in the fastest way, thanks to the company's dynamics, ready stocks and flexible production.

Çeksan – Your go-to for street sweeping machines

Once in a new city, you always look at how clean the streets are. This affects how safe and comfortable you feel. Do you want to enhance your housing estate by making it more appealing for new residents and tourists flocking to your area? Raise the standard of cleanliness! Whether you’re working in the commercial, industrial, or urban sector, a road sweeping machine is one of the most forward-thinking investments. And Çeksan has a lot to offer to keep that debris and dust at bay.

As a road sweeper manufacturer with 30 years of day-to-day hands-on experience, we’ve built a wide selection of road cleaning vehicles. They’re designed to combine Turkish tradition with cutting-edge technologies, cost-effectiveness, and maneuverability, making our machines a number one choice in more than 50 countries. If you’re interested in a road cleaning vehicle for municipal or on/off-highway applications, Çeksan’s CityRay, CityMouse, CityEagle, SmartBee, and other machines are at your service.

The road cleaning vehicle manufacturer that helps make streets cleaner and safer

If you want to pave the way for visible improvements in urban and road industry sectors, street cleaning is a good thing to start with. At Çeksan, we manufacture innovative street sweeping machines with dust suppression systems and decreased noise pollution. On top of that, you don’t have to spend a fortune on their operation and maintenance since they are wrapped into well-thought-out technologies to cut running costs.

With Çeksan street cleaning vehicles, you get:

As a reputable road sweeper supplier, we double down on meeting all your cleaning needs with our road sweepers. In the long run, you’ll enjoy cleaner streets and construction sites, fewer road hazards, and less air pollution.

We have many street sweeping vehicles that differ in body sizes and fuel systems. You can choose a 100% electrical option, a classic truck-looking machine, or a non-engine one that uses the PTO of the tractor, among others. All our vehicles are equipped with everything they need to operate at their best and ensure excellent performance.

Go green with Çeksan road sweeping machines

If you’re looking to contribute to the development of green cities or gain extra scores among locals, opt for road sweepers that ensure close to zero CO₂ emissions and noise pollution. The Çeksan road sweeper manufacturer has already helped transform an abundance of locations with our eco-friendly line of sweepers.

Our road sweeping vehicles can also come with the features you want. Just contact us to discuss the details. We design and prototype our road sweepers at the specialized department and arrange the necessary testing before getting your machine to you.

Are you striving for cleanliness in Turkey or the USA? Our machines can be found on the streets worldwide. Our large production facility, along with our manufacturing capabilities and know-how, enables us to deliver road sweepers wherever you need them.

Make the world cleaner and safer with Çeksan!

«Çerezler, içeriği ve reklamları kişiselleştirmek, sosyal medya özellikleri sağlamak ve trafiğimizi analiz etmek için kullanılmaktadır.»
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