Fresh tea leaves are collected by the producers and stored in certain areas. Collectea collects fresh tea leaves from these areas and transports them to factories for processing.
The system consists of a fan positioned on the chassis of the truck, a product collection chamber, a product stripping mechanism, and a suction hose. Fresh tea leaves sucked from the ground are transferred directly into the tea collection chamber via the vacuum hose.
Vacuum operation is performed as single suction or double suction by connecting a hose to one or two of the three hose outlets on the rear cover.
Vehicle cases are closed and isolated. In this way, contact of sunlight and fresh tea is prevented. The chamber has a system that provides continuous aeration of tea. Thus, the risk of getting hot and damaged tea during transportation is eliminated. Product quality is not damaged.
The stripping mechanism positioned in the chamber is a patented system and can discharge the fresh tea leaves in the chamber to the desired area or to the conveyor belts.
It is extremely easy to use and maintain and the operator can get started with a few hours of training.


Çeksan carries out the modification of the trucks delivered to it for machine assembly with its own engineering. For this reason, its products are compatible with almost all vehicle models produced in the world. Detailed chassis information is given in product technical specifications.


Vacuum System
Stripping Mechanism
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