Cammello is designed for heavy works and is capable of sweeping every kind of debris such as sands, waste generated as a result of recovery of heavy winter conditions, mass of ghousehold garbages, stones. It can collect 1,2 ton per minute waste materials from surface and It doesn’t need to be taken to discharge areas.
It loads coarse waste material quickly and directly from the road onto a truck and operates on a mechanical basis without suction. It is ideal for use in long distances and heavy road conditions.
It is equipped with abrassion-resistant spoons in order to collect all kind of bulky debris from the surface. Speed of elevator can be adjusted according to the density of waste. Materials collected by the elevator is directly loaded onto the loading platform of the truck by conveyor belt. It can be adjusted in height and can hence be adapted to the loading height of the standard trucks used for towing.
Both elevator and conveyor belt are covered by aluminium material in order to prevent dust and shedding of the sands and other garbages while loading.
Hydraulically actuated heavy duty brushes with ideal dimensions for each machine effectively collect all kind of debris from the road to front of elevator spoons. Down pressure of the brushes can be adjustable for extending product life.
Ergonomic and user friendly pendant control connected via a flexible cable allow the driver to run all the functions of sweeping.
All critical controls are contained in a purpose built locker on the one side of the machine. The ease of access to this equipment aids diagnostic checks and maintenance. Heavy duty, waterproof electrical connectors and color coded wires have stamped identification for quick location during troubleshooting.


Sweeping Speed (km/h) 0-15
Sweeping Width (mm) 3162
Sweeping Capacity (m²/h) 47432
Waste Loading Capacity (ton/min) 1,2
Water Tank Capacity (liter) 1200
Hydroulic Oil Tank Capacity (liter) 200
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 200
Machine Length (mm) 6500
Machine Width (mm) 2217
Machine Height (mm) 3602
Empty Total Weight (kg) 4700
Water Pump (bar) 100
Side Brush Plate Diameter (mm) 900
Rear Brush Diameter (mm) 900
Rear Brush Length (mm) 1150
Tire 215/75 R17.5
Auxiliary Engine Type Diesel
Auxiliary Engine Power (kw) 75


Water Tank
Fuel Tankı
Oil Tank


Cammello - 1 unit fits in a 40OT container
Cammello - 2 units fit in a 40OT container
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